My name is Antonio Macaluso (known as Jockbaia in most of my projects). I’m an Italian guy from Sanremo born in April 23rd, 1997.



Liceo Scientifico G.D. Cassini
(set 2011 – giu 2016)

Politecnico di Torino
(set 2016 – today)



Preliminary English Test (PET) – Pass with Merit
(mag 2014) – Cambridge English Language Assessment

First Certificate in English (FCE) – Grade C
(mag 2015) – Cambridge English Language Assessment 

ECDL Core – Patente Europea del Computer
(apr 2015) – Associazione Italiana per l’Informatica ed il Calcolo Automatico



SanremoBio (2015 – 2017)

For a couple of years I helped managing the website, the social pages and the database of an important market in my home town.


My Projects

Jockbaia (2011 – today)

Jockbaia represents my personal pick on the pletora of projects started since my youth. It contains a selection of drawing and illustrations, most of my photoshop projects along with a small set of photographs I’ve taken in this 8 years. Everything contained in this portfolio is part of this living breathing project.


Picopod (2012 – today)

Picopod represents the project I’ve been most passionate about. It’s an Italian music website containing more than 700 chords I’ve been writing since 2012. At that time finding chords in Italian wasn’t easy so I decided to start this project in order to provide them to my old alternative rockband: the band didn’t last for long, the website did.


#dressthebaia (2017 – today)

Started from a joke, ended as a little clothing brand. #dressthebaia is the first physical work I’ve worked on. During summer ’17 I printed a bunch of selfmade drawings and gave them to friends and other people. The general interest grown around these shirts led me to work on this secondary project more regularly.



I’m able to talk and write in English and Italian.
I own an Italian Driving License A1 e B.



Basic knowledge of C, HTML and CSS
Problem Solving
Every day and professional use of Office
Utilization and Maintenance of Windows, Linux e Mac OSX
PC Hardware e Software Assistance

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator